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Guidance For Those Newbie as Seaman

Thursday, July 23, 2009 , Posted by Farrell at 5:24:00 PM

There are so many chance to get employed by prestigious cruise line company in the world. Most Indonesian young people who studied in floating hotel academy get frustrated when it comes to a cruise jobs. Lack of experiences are the major problem that they usually have, also English language both written and spoken. Finding the right job is not always that difficult if we know how to work it out. Preparation is the only way to get through for all of that. Based on our experiences, those people who just graduated from high school get the best preparation in getting the seaman jobs. To work on board cruise ship, they don't have to be a Diploma of Hotel and Tourism Academy or higher, though it is better of course, but those who got only training or course for Floating Hotel Operation will do. The most important thing to prepare is proficiency in English Language. It is important because we use it to communicate with passengers, co-worker, and everybody on board the ship or at any other place when we are at ports. Some of the company require their crews to possess ISF-English Language Proficiency Test. The English test itself commonly called Marlins English Language Test. Miss-communication could be minimize if all crews understand and able to speak English no matter where the ship operation is and what the ship flag is. Sometimes ship's management make a strict rules regarding passenger's offense when crews talking with their mother tongue language by giving them a verbal warning or written warning. The next important thing is your job experience. For new hired crew, the experience requirement is at least 6 months on the job training. As a new hired crew, they work at basic level job, such as General Purpose Attendant (kitchen, F&B, Housekeeping, etc), Lido Steward, Cafe Attendant, etc. After couple of month or could be more than 2 or 3 contracts, GPA crew could be promoted into entry level such as waiter, housekeeper, bar waiter, etc. The more experience we have the easiest way to get a job as what we expected. Entry level salary in average about US$50.00 plus gratuity. Those basic level will get about US$ 500.00 up to US$ 1,200.00 monthly without gratuity and company will pay their expenses such as airplane ticket, hotel accommodation, etc while entry level will pay their own expenses. For Indonesian people having salary up to US$ 2,000.00 a months is consider huge salary, just because of the difference currency (US$1 = IDR 10.000,00). Just few people who really interested to get that jobs while others gave up for it. Simple way it says "No pain no Gain, No guts, no glory. Think about it and never give up when you try, Give your success a time to find its way!!!

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